S319p.78 — Escaping Lyman Continuum from a large new sample of redshift ~3 galaxies in the SSA22 field

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Aug 10th at 6:00 PM until 6:00 PM




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Author(s): Genoveva Micheva2, Ikuru Iwata2, Akio Inoue1

Institution(s): 1. College of General Education, Osaka Sangyo University, 2. Subaru Telescope

We present the results of a Subaru Suprime-Cam deep imaging narrow-band observations of the SSA22 proto-cluster at z~3, aiming at direct detection of Lyman Continuum (LyC) escaping from star-forming galaxies and constraining the escape fraction of LyC which is vital to understand the process of the cosmic reionization at z>6. New analysis has increased the sample size to 33 LBG and LAE galaxies with detections of ionizing flux in our specially designed narrow-band filter. This makes our LyC candidate sample the largest to date at any redshift. A number of objects show an apparent spatial offset between the ionizing and non-ionizing UV flux. We refine our analysis of these systems by comparing the Subaru data to high-resolution HST data in an attempt to reconcile the object colors with stellar population models. Some objects have very strong LyC flux, which may suggest a very metal-poor or even metal-free stellar population. We investigate the relationship between LyC leakage and other properties of the sample galaxies such as multi-band colors, luminosities, and morphologies to discuss the nature of the LyC galaxies.