FM17.2.02 — Probing the cores of red giants

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Aug 12th at 2:25 PM until 2:50 PM




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Author(s): Margarida Salvador Cunha1

Institution(s): 1. Institute of Astrophysics and Space Science

Stellar evolution is to a large extent controlled by physical processes that take place in the stellar cores. In red-giant stars, the coupling of gravity waves, propagating in the inner stellar layers, to acoustic waves, propagating in the stellar envelope, results in oscillations of mixed character whose properties depend on the structure of the stellar cores. Detailed asteroseismic investigations of red-giant stars are, thus, a promising path to constrain the physics that governs stellar evolution.
In this talk I will review work related to the asteroseismic inference of the structure of red-giant cores. The review will address recent observational results, theoretical interpretations, and new perspectives opened by the study of sharp structural variations in red-giant cores, with potential to constrain key physical processes such as nuclear burning and mixing.