S315p.45 — Birthing star forming clouds in the grand design

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Aug 4th at 6:00 PM until 6:00 PM




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Author(s): Yusuke Fujimoto2, Elizabeth Tasker2, Greg L. Bryan1, Asao Habe2

Institution(s): 1. Columbia University, 2. Hokkaido University

This talk presents results of giant molecular clouds formed in a hydrodynamical model of the barred spiral galaxy, M83. To include the formation, evolution, and destruction processes of the giant molecular clouds with the global gas dynamics taken into account, we perform whole galactic disc simulations with thermal stellar feedback. Our global model resolves down to 1.5 pc and explores the properties of the clouds forming in the bar, spiral and disc environments. The property distributions of the GMCs show only a small dependence based on their environment, however we notice three distinct different cloud types emerging, whose relative number is environment dependent. These cloud types consist of typical clouds (ones whose mass and radius agrees well with observations), massive clouds (with radii larger than 30 pc and mass above 10^7 Msun) and transient clouds who are typically unbound with short life times. This talk discusses the environment dependence of these cloud types and effects of the thermal feedback on the clouds.