S320.8.05 — Flares from Ultracool L Dwarfs with Kepler

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Aug 13th at 9:42 AM until 9:54 AM




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Author(s): John Gizis4, Rishi Paudel4, Peter Williams1, Adam Burgasser3, Sarah Schmidt2

Institution(s): 1. Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, 2. Ohio State University, 3. University of California, San Diego, 4. University of Delaware

We report on our search for L dwarf flares using NASA's Kepler mission. Spectroscopically confirmed flares were detected with the original Kepler mission from an L1 dwarf stars. We discuss the physical characteristics of these white light flares and compare them to M dwarf flares. For "habitable zone" planets, the apparent flare brightnesses would be comparable to the most powerful M dwarf flares. We are monitoring more L dwarfs with the Kepler K2 mission, and present the latest flare rates. We discuss the prospect for more detections during the remainder of the K2 mission.