S315p.106 — Magnetically Aligned HI and Dust: New insights into the physical properties of the diffuse ISM

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Aug 4th at 6:00 PM until 6:00 PM




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Author(s): Susan E Clark1, Joshua E G Peek2, J Colin Hill1, Mary Putman1, Lowell E Schudel1

Institution(s): 1. Columbia University, 2. Space Telescope Science Institute

Sensitive, high resolution observations of Galactic HI reveal an intricate network of slender linear features, much as sensitive surveys of dust in Galactic molecular clouds reveal ubiquitous filamentary structure. Across the high Galactic latitude sky, diffuse HI structures are aligned with the interstellar magnetic field, as revealed by background starlight polarization (Clark, Peek, Putman 2014). We present the discovery that the orientation of HI structures traces the Planck 353 GHz polarization angle measurements with extraordinary accuracy. We explore the physical properties of the HI structures, and the physical mechanisms responsible for their alignment, by examining the HI structures across a range of densities and environments. We discuss the insights that may be gained from a deeper understanding of the interplay between gas, dust, and magnetic fields in the ISM.