S320.6.06 — On the possibility to diagnose a kappa-distribution from EVE flare spectra

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Aug 12th at 3:08 PM until 3:20 PM




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Author(s): Elena Dzifcakova1, Jaroslav Dudík1

Institution(s): 1. Astronomical Institute Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

X-ray flare emission is strongly affected by the non-thermal part of the electron distribution. RHESSI observations and also recent theoretical derivations showed that the electron distribution function in coronal X-ray sources could be a kappa-distribution. An effect of kappa-distribution on the relative intensities of spectral lines of Fe XVIII - Fe XXIV observed in SDO/EVE flare spectra was calculated using KAPPA package based on the CHIANTI. Together with CHIANTI, this allows us to estimate the influence of the kappa-distributions on the diagnostics of electron density and temperature from the flare spectra. The possibility to diagnose parameters of the kappa-distribution from EVE flare spectra is discussed. The synthetic spectra for the kappa-distribution are compared with the observed flare spectra.