S320p.37 — Multitemperature analysis of solar flare observed on 2003 March 29

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Aug 10th at 6:00 PM until 7:30 PM




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Author(s): Anna Kepa1, Barbara Sylwester1, Janusz Sylwester1, Marek Siarkowski1, Tomasz Mrozek2, Magdalena Gryciuk1

Institution(s): 1. Space Research Centre Polish Academy of Sciences, Solar Physics Division, 2. University of Wroclaw

We present results of multitemperature analysis of GOES C7.2 class flare observed on 2003 March 29. This event occurred close to the centre of the solar disk (S12W14) at 10:11 UT and had two maxima in X-rays. We have performed analysis of physical parameters characterizing evolution of conditions in the flaring plasma. The temperature diagnostics have been carried out using the differential emission measure (DEM) approach based on the soft X-ray spectra collected by RESIK Bragg spectrometer. Analysis of data obtained by RHESSI provided opportunity for a detailed analysis of HXR emission with good energy and spatial resolutions.