FM6.7.03 — X-ray Scaling Relations of Early Type Galaxies

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Aug 6th at 4:45 PM until 5:00 PM




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Author(s): Dong-Woo Kim1

Institution(s): 1. Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory

We will review recent results of the X-ray scaling relations of early type galaxies. With high quality Chandra X-ray data, the properties (Lx and T) of hot ISM are accurately measured from gas-poor to gas-rich galaxies. We found a strong correlation between Lx(gas) and M(total) among ETGs with independently measured M(total), indicating that the total mass is the primary factor in regulating the amount of hot gas. We found a tight correlation between Lx(gas) and T(gas) among normal (non-cD), genuine (passively evolving, sigma-supported) ellipticals. This relation holds in a large range of Lx (several 1038 – a few 1041 erg/s). While this relation can be understood among gas-rich galaxies (Lx > 1040 erg/s) as a consequence of virialized gaseous halos in the dark matter potentials, the same tight relation is unexpected among gas-poor galaxies where the hot gas is in a wind/outflow state. We also found an interesting difference between cDs and giant Es, the former having an order of magnitude higher Lx(gas) with a similar T(gas). We will discuss the implications of our results by comparing with other observations of galaxies/groups and recent simulations.