FM17p.35 — Kepler-Lamost logg of turn-off stars based on asteroseismic analysis

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Aug 10th at 6:00 PM until 6:00 PM




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Author(s): Yaqian Wu1

Institution(s): 1. beijing normal university

Log g is a key observational quantity utilized to constrain the global parameters as well as stellar structure and therefore affects the evaluated properties of stellar. Since the corresponding observational error is considerable, it makes it essential to precisely determine the parameter with the value of log g.Log g of turn-off stars is one of important tool for stellar properties such as age therefore revising logg of turn-off stars can improve our understanding of knowledge of turn-off stars.With the observational contribution of the LAMOST, we use data from LAMOST Data Release 2(DR2) and obtain approximately 100 atmospheric parameters of turn-off stars through LSP3 pipeline. In this work, in order to ameliorate the log g error, we estimated the stellar properties with
model grids constructed by YREC and theorical Δν calculated by Pulsation Code of Guenther. Our research method is different from KIC method which uses atmospheric pipeline and scaling relation.We obtained values of log g for the turn-off stars with high precision. The errors of log g are about 0.02 dex.We also found that the log g constrained by asteroseismic analysis is generally higher than the one from LSP3 pipeline. Therefore, it has great impact on the system correction of LSP3 pipeline.