S319.12.02 — The SAMI survey - a baseline study for galaxy evolution

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Aug 14th at 11:00 AM until 11:15 AM




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Author(s): Matthew Colless1

Institution(s): 1. Australian National University

The SAMI multi-IFU survey is obtaining spatially resolved spectroscopy for more than 3000 galaxies covering a wide range in mass, morphological type and environment. It provides the most comprehensive baseline study of low-redshift galaxies against which studies of high-redshift galaxies can be compared. I will review the main findings of the SAMI survey to date, including key results on the spatial distribution of star-formation as a function of mass and morphology, the mass-metallicity relation, the prevalence and origin of galactic winds, the distribution of kinematic morphologies with environment, and a tight dynamical scaling relation that holds for all morphological types.