FM22.5.05 — Pushing the Frontiers: uncovering the earliest galaxies in the Hubble Frontier Fields

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Aug 5th at 11:50 AM until 12:10 PM




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Author(s): Rachael C Livermore1

Institution(s): 1. University of Texas at Austin

With the combination of deep Hubble Space Telescope Imaging and magnification due to gravitational lensing, the Hubble Frontier Fields program offers an unprecedented opportunity to study the faint end of the luminosity function at the highest redshifts. Unfortunately, the region of the field that benefits the most from this magnification (the immediate vicinity of the critical line) suffers from a high abundance of bright foreground galaxies and high background due to intracluster light. To overcome these difficulties some method of modeling and subtracting the foreground light is required. I will present results using wavelet decomposition to subtract large-scale structures in the clusters, which significantly increases the effective depth of the images, and crucially opens up the most magnified regions of the clusters.