FM7.6.03 — Modeling the ultraviolet emission from young galaxies at high redshift

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Aug 14th at 9:05 AM until 9:20 AM




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Author(s): Gustavo Bruzual1, Stéphane Charlot2, Julia Gutkin2, Alba Vidal García2

Institution(s): 1. CRyA, UNAM, 2. IAP

I will present new models to compute the rest-frame ultraviolet emission from young galaxies at high redshift. The models include recent advances in the theories of stellar interiors and atmospheres to interpret the ionizing and non-ionizing radiation from star-forming galaxies. I will show how such properties depend on current uncertainties in the evolution of massive stars and on the main adjustable parameters of the models. I will also describe the implications of these models for the interpretation of the combined stellar and nebular emission from young galaxies.