S317.7.03 — Recent Results from the SPLASH Survey: Chemical Abundances and Kinematics of Andromeda's Stellar Halo

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Aug 5th at 2:45 PM until 3:00 PM




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Author(s): Karoline Gilbert1

Institution(s): 1. Space Telescope Science Institute

Large scale surveys of Andromeda's resolved stellar populations have revolutionized our view of this galaxy over the past decade. The combination of large-scale, contiguous photometric surveys and pointed spectroscopic surveys has been particularly powerful for discovering and following up new substructures and disentangling the structural components of Andromeda. The SPLASH (Spectroscopic and Photometric Landscape of Andromeda's Stellar Halo) survey consists of broad- and narrow-band imaging and spectroscopy of red giant branch stars in lines of sight throughout the M31 system, ranging in distance from 3 kpc to more than 200 kpc from Andromeda's center. I will present recent results from the SPLASH survey on the structure of Andromeda's stellar halo and the origin of tidal debris features, including measurements of the kinematics and chemical abundances of Andromeda's halo stars.