FM22p.22 — Scaling Relations in the High-z Universe with Lensing and MUSE

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Aug 4th at 6:00 PM until 6:00 PM




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Author(s): David James Lagattuta1, Johan Richard1, Benjamin Clément1, Vera Patricio1, Guillaume Mahler1

Institution(s): 1. CRAL, University of Lyon

We present new gravitational lensing models for giant arcs in the Frontier Fields galaxy clusters, incorporating cluster- and galaxy-scale substructure to improve the model fit. From these models we are able to reconstruct the un-lensed properties of the arcs, including morphology and total luminosity. Combining this information with 2D kinematic data from MUSE spectroscopy, we are further able to construct a high redshift (z > 1) Tully-Fisher (TF) relation, which -- when compared to its lower redshift counterparts -- can be used to probe the evolution of the TF relation over cosmological time.