DA.2.02 — The Pan-STARRS Astrometric Survey

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Aug 7th at 2:20 PM until 2:40 PM




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Author(s): Eugene A Magnier1, Pan-STARRS Science Consortium1

Institution(s): 1. University of Hawaii

The Pan-STARRS 1 Science Survey has observed the 30,000 square degrees north of -30 Declination with 50 - 100 visits as part of the 3PI survey. The repeat observations and substantial overlaps allows for a rigid astrometric calibration, with the opportunity to measure and correct a wide range of systematic instrumental effects. The differential astrometric analysis uses the many repeat obsevations to constrain the calibrations for each detector image, resulting in differential astrometric accuracy between 10 and 20 milliarcseconds per epoch. With the many visits, and an observing strategy optimized to measure parallaxes of red objects, this astrometric survey allows for detailed studies of the local solar neighborhood with high-quality parallaxes and proper motions. I will discuss the quality of the astrometric calibration, including sources of systematic errors.