S315.8.03 — HOBYS and W43, two more steps towards a Galaxy-wide understanding of star formation

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Aug 5th at 4:40 PM until 5:05 PM




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Author(s): Frederique Motte1, Sylvain Bontemps2, Quang Nguyen Luong3

Institution(s): 1. AIM Paris-Saclay, 2. LAB, 3. NAOJ

The HOBYS key program allows to statistically study the formation of 10-20 Msun stars in molecular complexes from the first Galactic arm toward us. HOBYS therefore starts to measure the star formation rate of the Milky Way on 1-100 pc scales. The much more extreme W43 molecular complex is located at the tip of the long bar of the Milky Way and forms stars up to 50 Msun. It displays an intense star formation activity, which may originate from its dynamical cloud formation. The HOBYS and W43 surveys are necessary steps towards Galaxy-wide studies of high-mass star formation.