DH.5.02 — High mass star and cluster formation: new insights from Herschel

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Aug 10th at 8:55 AM until 9:20 AM




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Author(s): Frederique Motte1, Sylvain Bontemps3, Tracey Hill2

Institution(s): 1. AIM Paris-Saclay, 2. JAO, 3. LAB

The HOBYS key program essentially imaged with Herschel all of the regions forming OB-type stars at distances less than 3 kpc from the Sun. This survey allows to statistically study the formation of 10-20 Msun stars and confirms that high-mass pre-stellar cores do not exist. HOBYS also reveals mini-starburst cloud ridges, which have high mean densities and are the privileged sites for the formation of high-mass stars.