S319p.113 — Faint Infrared Grism Survey (FIGS)

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Aug 10th at 6:00 PM until 6:00 PM




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Author(s): Sangeeta Malhotra1, The FIGS Team2

Institution(s): 1. Arizona State University, 2. Many Institutions

Spectroscopic confirmations of z > 6 galaxies from the ground have depended on bright Lyman-alpha emission lines. But with HST grisms we can obtain low resolution, high sensitivity spectra capable of detecting faint continuum emission and the Lyman break in the continuum. We present near-infrared spectroscopy from Faint Infrared Grism Survey (FIGS) to a depth of 26 magnitudes, which will help confirm redshifts of galaxies from z=5.5-8.5, whether or not they show Lya emission lines. The lasting legacy of this project will be near-infrared spectra of over 6000 galaxies, without preselection, at an unprecedented depth. This will also allow us to study stellar populations of massive galaxies at redshifts 1-3. We also measure star-formation rates and metallicity evolution of galaxies with prominent emission lines at redshifts z=0.5-2.0.