FM13.4.01 — Grand Minima in the Sun and Sun-like Stars

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Aug 6th at 8:30 AM until 8:55 AM




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Author(s): Steven Saar1

Institution(s): 1. SAO

The Maunder minimum (about 1645 - 1715), when the numbers of sunspots dropped precipitously (<2 year-1 during one 30 year interval), raises the question of the long-term stability of the solar dynamo. While it now appears that some aspects of the cycle continued during the minimum, it is also clear that the Sun's dynamo underwent major short-term changes, and that these grand minima are not uncommon. I review what is known, and not known, about solar grand minima. One way to fill in the gaps in our understanding of solar grand minima is to turn to solar-like stars. I review efforts to find stars which may be in grand minima, properties of these candidates, and the light this may shed on the state of the Sun in grand minima.