Benkhaldoun, Zouhair

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DBp.2.26 — Hierarchical FringeTracking to increase sensitivity of optical long baseline interferometers
FM11p.01 — What kind of scientific observations can we still doing with a small ground-based telescopes? Case Study of Oukaimeden Observatory
P2.025 — Thermospheric nighttime wind and temperature analysis from some 2014 stormy nights monitored at Oukaimeden Observatory by RENOIR instrument
P2.026 — First Thermospheric Winds and Neutral Temperatures statistics Over Oukaimeden Observatory
S318p.10 — From Asteroids to Space Debris
S320p.12 — Ionspheric and thermospheric response to the 27-28 February 2014 geomagnetic storm
S320p.22 — Measuring the equatorial plasma bubble drift velocities over Morroco